FIR Designer

FIR Designer 1.1

FIR filter interactive design software

FIR filter interactive design and study software

This is an intuitive FIR filter interactive design software with various filter shapes (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass etc.) and several window functions (rectangular, Hann, Blackman etc.). The resulting filter taps can be saved using various output file formats, depending on the actual needs, and if your format is not supported yet, it can be added upon request.

Full WYSIWYG interface with instantaneous update on digital filter parameters modifying.

Simple to use even for beginners.

It is the result of converting a tool that we have used for over a decade into a viable product.

Signal processing software developers

Anyone that just wants to see the characteristic of a filter (no license needed for that!)

This program is designed for electronics students wanting to see the effects of various parameters on the FIR filter characteristic

FIR Designer


FIR Designer 1.1